Bourbon Pecan


The strong breezes in Nocona, TX have rattled my mother’s pecan trees for decades, shaking nature’s candy loose for all to enjoy. Coincidentally, when this idea was conceived, I was standing under one such tree.

When I woke up, injured yet inspired, I harvested my thoughts (and about twenty gallons of pecans) and used them to steep these picks with 20-year, barrel-aged bourbon.

The result was a well-rounded, warm, nutty-but-sweet flavor that I dare you not to enjoy. But act fast… This is a fan favorite, but Mom’s tree only drops so many pecans.

  •  Amber butterscotch
  •  American pecan, honey and caramel
  •  Maple pecan pie, smoky oak and toffee followed by creamy vanilla flavors
  • Extraordinarily smooth and long lasting